A beautiful poem, on Nature.

Read on to know how we obliviously beckon Nature's wrath.

Written by Vaishnavi M on September 05, 2018

Our origin, our fundamental,
We kill her? It's detrimental,
Little more nurture, little more care,
If not she will be your nightmare!

Her immeasurable worth, is born only to the earth;
She is a boon and she is our mirth,
Sky is her crown and earth, her throne.
Respect the queen, or else, a dead zone.

She is the beauty, also the beast,
If not biophilic, be a human atleast!
For she is a mother who lives to care,
Dig her grave? You are digging yours,beware!

Therefore, let us stand for our mother earth,
In her womb, the only hearth,
By dovetailing with Team Hasiru,
Let us pledge "Hasire Usiru!"

Compromising with Nature for technology

Poetry text by Vaishnavi M. Photographs by Lukas Schnell.